Turn It Up Tuesday #015
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I’m getting more & more submissions on a daily basis, and don’t get me wrong, it’s FANTASTIC! (You indie artists better keep sending me your stuffs!) But I’m having a hard time to do things the way I’ve always done, one artist at the time. So, it’s time to evolve.

Let me turn up your speakers or head-cans with these multiple kick-ass indie jams I got sent to me or discovered personally, in Turn It Up Tuesday!

Remember JonesMagical catchy vocals and that sexy horn section in this super Soul groove with pinches of Motown, will definitely let you look for, and Remember Jones!..

Check in with Remember Jones on
Twitter: @Remember_Jones
Instagram: @RememberJones
Facebook: /RememberJonesMusic
iTunes: Remember Jones’ album ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Remember Jones!’

Tara VaughanHer smokey soulful, honey-schweet vocals and this You Can Call Me Al-ish guitar riff makes you wanna grab her whole new piano driven album!

Check in with Tara Vaughan on
Twitter: @TaraLvaughan
Instagram: @TaraVaughanMusic
Facebook: /TaraVaughanMusic
Website: taravaughanmusic.com
Bandcamp: Tara Vaughan’s album ‘Dandelion Wine’ (also on CD/Wax)

Mountains Of The MoonBeautiful Swedish alternative folk-pop, that’s as soothing as if you’re sitting on top of a mountain, watching the full moon on a clear summer night, thinking about the one you love!..

Check in with Mountains Of The Moon on
Instagram: @MtnsOfTheMoon
Facebook: /MtnsOfTheMoon

LMysterious as her name may be, her debut single is Lasting, Lingering, Light-hearted, Likable and makes this sister extremely Loveable!..

Check in with L on
Twitter: @thisisLmusic
Instagram: @thisisLmusic
Facebook: /thisisLmusic
Website: thisislmusic.com
iTunes: L’s single ‘Her Majesty’

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