Turn It Up Tuesday #004

Written by on March 15, 2016

I’m getting more & more submissions on a daily basis, and don’t get me wrong, it’s FANTASTIC! (You indie artists better keep sending me your stuffs!) But I’m having a hard time to do things the way I’ve always done, one artist at the time, and it’s time to evolve.

So, let me turn up your speakers or head-cans with these multiple kick-ass indie jams I got sent to me or discovered personally, on a weekly basis in Turn It Up Tuesday!

ReynaThese sisters are (re)introducing themselves as this infectious new electro-pop duo with slick synths, sick bassline and ear-grabbing hooks with just enough of a throwback touch, that will definitely make ‘m pop!

Check in with Reyna on:
Twitter: @ReynaTheBand
Instagram: @ReynaTheBand
Facebook: /ReynaTheBand

Victory DanceTurning up their gritty, guitar driven bluesy-pop explosion, will definitely let you clap your hands on the pulsating Queen-ish We Will Rock You beat as a Victory Dance!..

Check in with Victory Dance on:
Twitter: @MyVictoryDance
Instagram: @MyVictoryDance
Facebook: /MyVictoryDance
Website: victorydancemusic.com
iTunes: Victory Dance’s EP ‘The Spectrum’

Marianna ZappiThis free to download acoustic preview of what’s coming with her Untameable EP with vocals so natural and pure, got the chilling power to zapp straight from your ears to the core of your soul… WoW!

Check in with Marianna Zappi on:
Twitter: @MariannaZappi
Instagram: @MariannaZappi
Facebook: /TheRealMariannaZappi
Soundcloud: Marianna Zappi’s single ‘It’s You’ (Free Download!)

SlaresWith Slares dropping their bumpin’ Justin Timberlake-ish debut groove, you simply can’t deny… With that bouncy hook, they definitely got That (free to grab) Vibe!..

Check in with Slares on:
Twitter: @SlaresBand
Facebook: /SlaresBand
Soundcloud: Slares’ single ‘That Vibe’ (Free Download!)

Christina MartinJust discovered this sister with this absolutely gorgeous pop track with a pinch of country, and captivating deep vocals to die for! You Ran From Me? How about I run to you Ms Martin?!.

Check in with Christina Martin on:
Twitter: @XtinaMartin
Instagram: @XtinaMartinMusic
Facebook: /ChristinaMartinMusic
Website: christinamartin.net
iTunes: Christina Martin’s album ‘It’ll Be Alright’

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