Manic Music Monday #017
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Mondays, it’s that sh*tty first day of the week and boy, can it be challenging! So let me spark some fire between your ears with the kick-ass indie jams I believe, will kickstart your week. This is Manic Music Monday!

Midas HutchHis infectious melodies and her powerful pop vocals, are a groovy match made in heaven!..

Check in with Midas Hutch & Maribelle on:
Twitter: @Midas_Hutch
Twitter: @MaribelleMusic
Instagram: @Midas_Hutch
Instagram: @MaribelleMusic
Facebook: /MidasHutch
Facebook: /MaribelleMusic
iTunes: Midas Hutch’s ‘The High’ EP

Sharon DoorsonCatchy, EDM spiked Dutch pop with flirty, yet rebellious R&B vocals!..

Check in with Sharon Doorson on:
Twitter: @SharonDoorson
Instagram: @SharonDoorson
Facebook: /SharonDoorsonOfficial
iTunes: Sharon Doorson’s single ‘You Know What’

Saint BestSexy, pulsating synth-pop with a turbulent tropical 80s love affair!..

Check in with Saint Best on:
Twitter: @SaintBestMusic
Instagram: @SaintBestMusic
Facebook: /SaintBestMusic
iTunes: Saint Best’s single ‘Pacific Girls’

ZAEStriking moody soundscape with emotive vocals that delicately tickles your inner-earholes!..

Check in with ZAE on:
Twitter: @ZAEmusicXO
Instagram: @ZAEmusicXO
Facebook: /ZAEmusicXO
iTunes: ZAE’s single ‘Letting Go’

And don’t forget, these kick-ass indie jams and many more, can be found in one delicious monthly playlist on Soundcloud (updated almost daily)!

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