High Dive Heart – Misfit
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High Dive HeartI’m having a hard time writing this feature, fighting the tears of pain. ‘Cause being a Dad of a nine year old son, who got extremely bullied mentally and physically at school this year, this new single of Nelly Joy and Jason Reeves struck more than one chord with me.

There are no words to describe the heartache, the pain, to see your son losing his self-esteem little by little every day this past school year, coming home fighting his own tears of what happened that particular day.

And yet, he still managed to pass his grade this year, leaving me with a mixed feeling of horrible pain and extreme proudness!

When is this gonna stop? When are we gonna stand up and say enough is enough? When are we gonna teach each other to respect one another again? When are we gonna accept one another, including ones flaws. ‘Cause God knows, everybody has them!..

So, I could promote this like I usually do, being this wacky Dutch independent music promoter. But today I like to ask you, as a Dad, to take a few minutes out of your life, listen and take the necessary first step to help stop this rapidly spreading epidemic of bullying in your own area!

And last but not least, Nelly and Jason. On behalf of my son, thank you for bringing a sparkle of hope & joy by dropping this catchy jam, and create awareness for bullying. I’ll be honest, I’ve got tears rolling down my cheek right now, but it’s out of gratitude… You Rule!..

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iTunes: High Dive Heart’s single ‘Misfit’

Turn It Up Tuesday #019
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I’m getting more & more submissions on a daily basis, and don’t get me wrong, it’s FANTASTIC! (You indie artists better keep sending me your stuffs!) But I’m having a hard time to do things the way I’ve always done, one artist at the time. So, it’s time to evolve.

Let me turn up your speakers or head-cans with these multiple kick-ass indie jams I got sent to me or discovered personally, in Turn It Up Tuesday!

JeanoMusicHop on board and ride along on this brother’s highly contagious groovy train, making falling desperately in love cool again!..

Check in with JeanoMusic on
Twitter: @JeanoMusic
Instagram: @JeanoMusic
Facebook: /JeanoMusic
Website: jeanomusic.com
iTunes: JeanoMusic’s single ‘Paradise Train’

YasmeenPure, bright, honest! And together with her intoxicating vocals, makes this sister one helluva power poptress!..

Check in with Yasmeen on
Twitter: @Yasmeen_Music
Instagram: @Yasmeen_Music
Facebook: /YasmeenMusicOnline
Website: yasmeenonline.com
iTunes: Yasmeen’s single ‘Selfish’

Saints PatienceAddictive guitar licks, soulful vocals and the instant sing-a-long chorus, makes this one groovy rock anthem!..

Check in with Saints Patience on
Twitter: @SaintsPatience
Instagram: @SaintsPatience
Facebook: /SaintsPatienceBand
Website: saintspatience.co.uk
iTunes: Saints Patience’s single ‘Break Of Dawn’

Des BrennanClassic soulful HipHop vibe with poetic lyricism, that gives that much needed substance and food for thought!..

Check in with Des Brennan on
Twitter: @DesBrennanMusic
Instagram: @DessyRaps
Facebook: /DesBrennanMusic
Soundcloud: Des Brennan’s single ‘Right Now’ (Free Download!)

And don’t forget, these kick-ass indie jams and many more, can be found in one delicious monthly playlist on Soundcloud (updated almost daily)!

Manic Music Monday #002
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Mondays, it’s that sh*tty first day of the week and boy, can it be challenging! So let me spark some fire between your ears with the kick-ass indie jams I believe, will kickstart your week. This is Manic Music Monday!

ForesteaterFun, happy, feel-good pop-rock, that has every potential to dip into mainstream, fast!..

Check in with Foresteater on
Twitter: @Forest_Eater
Instagram: @Foresteater
Facebook: /Foresteater
Website: foresteater.com
Soundcloud: Foresteater’s single ‘Very Friendly People’ (Free Download!)

Men I TrustGot one question for you! Can you resist these fluffy summery vibes on top of this super slick bassline?!.

Check in with Men I Trust on
Twitter: @MenItrust
Instagram: @MenItrust
Facebook: /MenItrust
Website: menitrust.com
Soundcloud: Men I Trust’s single ‘Lauren’ (Free Download!)

J GRGRYCourageously exposing a vulnerable past over soaring melodies with a The Killer-ish touch!..

Check in with J GRGRY on
Twitter: @JGRGRYmusic
Instagram: @JGRGRYmusic
Facebook: /JGRGRYmusic
iTunes: J GRGRY’s single ‘eFlower’

Petya DankovaEar-blowing fusion of Neo Soul, Jazz, Funk & Rock, together with her soothing, yet powerful vocals, to give it this Lenny Kravitz-ish touch!..

Check in with Petya Dankova on
Twitter: @PetyaDankova
Instagram: @PetyaDankova
Facebook: /Petya.Dankova.Music
Website: petyadankova.bg
iTunes: Petya Dankova’s album ‘Sweet Or Bitter’

And don’t forget, these kick-ass indie jams and many more, can be found in one delicious monthly playlist on Soundcloud (updated almost daily), or Spotify, if that’s your thing!

Sunday Smooth Groove: Sarah C
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Sarah CWith both sultry and powerful vocals oozing through this polished and organic pop-soul groove, this sister shows Down Under is filled with a buck-load of genuine soul!..

Check in with Sarah C on
Twitter: @MissSarahCmusic
Instagram: @MissSarahCmusic
Facebook: /MissSarahCmusic
Website: sarahc.com.au
iTunes: Sarah C’s ‘Fearless’ EP

Fab 5 Friday (Week 29 – 2016)
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Whether it’s an old(er) release or new, these are my personal Top Fab(ulous) 5 Indie Jams I’ve had on repeat and been jamming to all week. This is Fab 5 Friday!

Mr Belt & WezolBig, bold and uberly groovy! This club banger with that classic gospel-ish touch, gives that freshness the current dance scene needs!..

Check in with Mr. Belt & Wezol on
Twitter: @MrBeltAndWezol
Instagram: @MrBeltAndWezol
Facebook: /MrBeltAndWezol
Soundcloud: Mr. Belt & Wezol’s single ‘Stand Up’ (Free Download!)

Charlie Faye & The FayettesIrresistible catchy Motown-ish groove, soul-pop that gets you swinging, swaying and movin’!

Check in with Charlie Faye & The Fayettes on
Twitter: @CharlieFaye
Instagram: @CharlieBFaye
Facebook: /CharlieFayeAndTheFayettes
Website: charliefayeandthefayettes.com
iTunes: Charlie Faye & The Fayettes’ single ‘Sweet Little Messages’

WallaceDreamy, sensual whispering immediacy, that’s polished, organic and uncannily smooth!..

Check in with Wallace on
Twitter: @Wa_LL_Ace
Instagram: @Wa_LL_Ace
Facebook: /WallaceGollanMusic
Website: wallacegollan.com
Bandcamp: Wallace’s single ‘Is It You’

Victor PerryDelicate alternative R&B, that grabs you deep down your soul with just his gorgeous keys, vulnerable poetic lyrics and captivating vocal harmonies!..

Check in with Victor Perry on
Twitter: @PerksOfBeingVic
Instagram: @PerksOfBeingVictor
Facebook: /VictorTaylorPmusic
Website: victorperrymusic.com
iTunes: Victor Perry’s ‘4am Nostalgia’ EP

Avec SansMemorable synth licks and vocal melodies, sprinkled in 80s nostalgia, this duo is breaking boundaries with their shimmering electro pop!..

Check in with Avec Sans on
Twitter: @AvecSans
Instagram: @AvecSans
Facebook: /AvecSansBand
Website: avecsans.com
iTunes: Avec Sans’ album ‘Heartbreak Hi’
Webshop: Avec Sans’ album ‘Heartbreak Hi’ on CD

Myrna – Beautiful
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MyrnaCatchy, sexy, timeless! This infectious funky feel-good disco groove, together with her bright sparkling vocals, makes Myrna one of Scandinavia’s biggest Soul sisters!

Check in with Myrna on
Twitter: @MyrnaBraza
Instagram: @MyrnaBraza
Facebook: /MyrnaBrazaOfficial
Website: myrnabraza.com
iTunes: Myrna’s album ‘Story Of I’

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