Turn It Up Tuesday #014
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I’m getting more & more submissions on a daily basis, and don’t get me wrong, it’s FANTASTIC! (You indie artists better keep sending me your stuffs!) But I’m having a hard time to do things the way I’ve always done, one artist at the time. So, it’s time to evolve.

Let me turn up your speakers or head-cans with these multiple kick-ass indie jams I got sent to me or discovered personally, in Turn It Up Tuesday!

DysonWhy didn’t anyone tell me about this power poptress? ‘Cause her smashing debut single it’s just that, Pure Pop Power!..

Check in with Dyson on
Twitter: @IamDYSONonline
Instagram: @IamDYSONonline
Facebook: /IamDYSONmusic
iTunes: Dyson’s single ‘Up All Night’

TassnataNot only dropped this Canadian spitter this raw House Of Pain-ish vibe, it got every potential to be the next Jump Around anthem! Let’s Go!..

Check in with Tassnata on
Twitter: @TassNata
Instagram: @TassNata
Facebook: /TassNata
Website: tassnata.com
iTunes: Tassnata’s single ‘Let’s Go’

KissyBubbly bright! Contagiously playful and sassy, let this sister Kiss(y) your ears with her Killer (pop) Vibes!..

Check in with Kissy on
Twitter: @Kissy_Music
Instagram: @KissyMusic
Facebook: /KissyKissy
Website: kissymusic.com
iTunes: Kissy’s single ‘Killer Vibes’

FjerHypnotically haunting electro soul with intoxicating vocals! Grab a good pair of head-cans to fully appreciate this sister’s dreamy soundscape!..

Check in with Fjer on
Twitter: @FjerMusic
Instagram: @FjerMusic
Facebook: /FjerMusic
Website: fjermusic.com
Bandcamp: Fjer’s single ‘Her Turn’ (Free Download!)

Alexandra Amor – Mama
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Alexandra AmorWith her previous single Not Easy To Love, this sister has already been one of my biggest (re)discoveries of 2016!

Fully matured from bubblegum pop to honest piano-driven songs, belting out relatable heartfelt lyrics with her emotional powerful, yet angelic set of pipes?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I truly believe she has found her true music calling!..

Check in with Alexandra Amor on:
Twitter: @AlexandraAmor
Instagram: @AlexandraAmor
Facebook: /AlexandraAmor
Website: alexandraamormusic.com
CDbaby: Alexandra Amor’s single ‘Mama’

Sunday Smooth Groove: Kenya – Be Here
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KenyaWhile I’m patiently waiting on Tom Glide‘s soulful dance rework of Kenya’s Take Me Away, this sister surprised me with one helluva Smooth Jazz version of Be Here.

With the same passionate smooth vocals as on Wednesday Girl, this deep harmonious groove really is the testament of why she’s one of my favourite soul sisters today!..

Check in with Kenya on:
Twitter: @KenyaMJmusic
Instagram: @KenyaMJmusic
Facebook: /KenyaMJmusic
Website: kenyamjmusic.com
iTunes: Kenya’s single ‘Be Here’

Kelsy Karter – Crystal Blues (Acoustic)
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Kelsy KarterJust soulful keys and her characteristic, luscious deep voice. And while this Australian Rebel Doll draws her nostalgic influences from Motown, Soul and Rock ‘N Roll, this is in my personal and humble opinion, pure Blue Eyed Blues… Chilling smooth…

Check in with Kelsy Karter on:
Twitter: @KelsyKarter
Instagram: @KelsyKarter
Website: kelsykarter.com
iTunes: Kelsy Karter’s ‘Kiss The Boys’ EP
Soundcloud: Kelsy Karter’s single ‘Crystal Blues’ (Free Download)

Kiirstin Marilyn – Out Of Control
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Kiirstin MarilynThis sister has been ‘with’ me right from the start, when I wrote one of my first blog features on For Peace. And while she has evolved drastically from the soulful pop I discovered her with, to a genre even she couldn’t describe in our Q&A, it’s been a natural progression!

Soul cutting lyricism, edgier, raw. Hooking you with her angelic & unique vocals in this intense build-up, to face slapping dub-step-ish flow.

It may sound she’s Out Of Control compared with her earlier work, but with her Ghosts EP, think we’ve heard nothing yet… And thank gawd for that!..

Check in with Kiirstin Marilyn on:
Twitter: @KiirstinMarilyn
Instagram: @KiirstinMarilyn
Facebook: /KiirstinMarilyn
Website: kiirstinmarilyn.com
iTunes: Kiirstin Marilyn’s ‘Ghosts’ EP

Unity Lewis – Free The Funk
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Unity LewisIf you’re a regular, you know I gotta have my funk on once in a while, and with the help of greats like George Clinton and Sly Stone, the Cali HipHop funkster Unity Lewis definitely set my funk vibe free today!

Footloose, free to bust some moves, to the brother’s electrifying funk grooves. ‘Cause common, you know you gotta be diggin’ the Funk!..

Check in with Unity Lewis on
Twitter: @UnityAkaYP
Instagram: @UnityAkaYP
Facebook: /UnityL
Website: unitylewis.com
Online Store: Unity Lewis’ single ‘Free The Funk’

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